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Lightworker Spiritual Development Training Level 1 class

Lightworker School Spiritual Development Training Online Class Charmian Redwood

6 week series Sunday March 26th  – May 7th ( not including easter sunday April 16th)

6-8pm PST 7-9pm MST 3-6pm Hawaii

We came to Earth together in teams where we worked in the great temples of Atlantis, Lemuria and all of the spiritual traditions since then. Gaia is calling the teams together now to remember who we are and to reclaim the knowledge that we had then. The Lightworkers are here to help Her to move into Her Ascension and Her body of light. It is most important at this time to connect with our soul family and kindred spirits who are spread all over the planet.

In this class you will learn the skills of Clairvoyance Clair-audience Clair-sentience. Healing Channeling Ascended Masters

“I feel more confident and able to stand up to people who don’t see the real “me.” When you have confidence and no triggers it doesn’t matter what they are doing. I don’t retaliate. I felt a deep connection to each of the people in the group, and I  learned a lot about myself.   I feel much more powerful than I have ever felt in my life. All of my friends are 3 D people, full of anxiety and fear but this is a different energy. It is safer and higher and it feels so good. I feel so much more comfortable with who I am. The people in the group were open but now they have been blasted off. Gifts are coming that I didn’t know I could do. Going back and reclaiming the priestesses in the first few sessions, those layers, bringing back that strength, was almost like unlocking doors of memory for me. “Yes, I can do that,” like little chicks and each one was like the biggest experience, it was powerful. “Karen Cincinnati

 “It has really been about ” feeling it,” I could read about this and do all kinds of meditations but now I have the “feeling” from these classes. I can feel the vibration, I can feel everything and it is just amazing how it just shows up. Books give you information ” about”, but don’t help you to embody it.” Samarah

We will work together traveling to the Temples of Sirius, Pleiades, Greece, Egypt and many more to reconnect with our multidimensional aspects and use them to  reclaim the aspects of ourselves which are already in full consciousness and to lift the Earth into Her Radiant Light. Everybody will participate in our group journeys speaking messages from our many aspects. This is a class for empowerment of your authentic self. If you miss a class you will receive the recording.

Investment in your self $ 222 (Payment plan possible on request) Call or e mail secure your place Each class is recorded for you to work with later

For more info e mail or call 808 344 9932

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