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Access your divine consciousness so that you can begin to manifest your world the way you want it to be.  One hour activations cost $125.00. You can include an activation with your hypnotherapy session or they can be done separately by video conferencing or phone.

To schedule, please call Charmian at (808) 344-9932 or email her at

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Divine Human Blueprint Activation

When you Birthed yourself from the Source it was as a Divine Being. You first came to earth in this form before The Fall. It is time now to walk the Earth as the Living Master that you are, to reconnect to your Divine Essence and to use that frequency to heal all wounds in the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies and to manifest your dreams.

Charmian is one of the original Starseeds who carried the Blueprint for Divine Human activation the Mother Earth. She offers many DNA activations to prepare clients for Ascension and Self -Empowerment. In this journey the Holy Grail comes down as a chalice filled with Sacred Fire from the Source to awaken the Holy Flame within.

lemurian lightbody activation

In Lemuria we lived in the Oneness and in constant connection the the Source. We have these codes still dormant in our DNA waiting to be activated so that we can truly live once again in a state of Oneness and Bliss. Through guided imagery Charmian activates these codes.


Temple of Relationship

removing blocks from sacred union

Charmian offers a workshop and/or individual sessions to uncover the memories from the past which are preventing us from connecting with our deep soul partners at this time of transformation upon the earth. We have completed the cycle of karmic relationships which have been the source of so much pain and dysfunction in the relationship arena. It is time now to call in the Beloved of our Heart and Soul who we are contracted with to walk through the energy shift on the earth for the rest of our lives

twin flame activation

One of Charmian's purposes in this lifetime is to assist twin-flame partners to re-connect. When a Soul is born from the Source, it immediately divides into two aspects, one male and one female. All of our lives, we long to be re-united with "the other half of our soul." It is time in the history of our evolution for twin-flames to come together to assist Mother Earth at this time of her re-birth.

past life regression.png

past life regression

Many of the challenges which seem to overwhelm us in this life have their origin in a memory which was carried forward from a previous life. We use guided imagery to return to the original karmic cause of the presenting problem and retrieve the wounded aspect which is then re-integrated into the whole person. We also visit lives where we have been fully in our power and working at our full potential. We bring forward the skills and knowledge we possessed in former times to empower the current life!


the pain body

Behind all apparent disease, issues, pain and dysfunction lies a cause which is hidden in our core beliefs. Many times we do not even know what our core beliefs are. They are the result of a conditioning from the past and they manifest themselves as dysfunctional behaviors, self-sabotage, financial problems, eating disorders, disease, etc. The body remembers every single trauma it has experienced since conception and the responses to those negative memories put in place programs which cause problems in adult life. A response as a five year old to an angry adult might be to stay quiet, don't argue, don't defend yourself for fear of punishment. As an adult, this program invites dysfunctional relationships in every area of life until it is removed by hypnotic re-patterning. We work from the context of wholeness to re-integrate the parts of the self that have been still operating from the initial response to the original trauma. These traumatic memories are stored at a cellular level where they condition our core belief system about the world we live in. What we believe, we receive.


reclaiming holy innocence

You were conceived as a perfect and Innocent child but from that moment on many experiences of fear, abandonment, dis-empowerment have left a belief system that life is not safe and you don’t deserve to lead a happy and fulfilled life. In this activation we reclaim the Holy Innocence that is our original Birthright and open the pathway to receiving all of the Abundance which is our Heritage from Father Mother God.


your dreams

Charmian is an embodiment of Divine Mother and will guide you through an activation which harnesses the power of Divine Mother to assist you in creating the dream of your perfect life and bringing it into Manifestation. Divine Mother is the Creatress of All Things and loves to provide for all of Her children’s needs when we are willing to receive them.


abundance and prosperity activation

The Universe overflows with everything we need to be perfectly happy, content and fulfilled. Our early programming or past life memories have created beliefs that the world we live in is a hostile place where our deepest needs can never be satisfied. This activation removes old programs of lack and replaces them with plenty .

Sacred Marriage of Male and Female aspects within

Each of us has both Male and Female aspects within us, the male energy gives us drive and motivation to be creative and active in the world, female energy attunes our intuitive nature to the Divine Source of inspiration and love. Both aspects need to be active and balanced if we are to be at peace within ourselves and the world. In the guided imagery of the Sacred Marriage we connect with both energies and bring them into balance and harmony.


Ho’oponopono Forgiveness

The ancient Hawaiians used the practice of invoking ho’oponopono to clear negative energies between people. It is most important that we forgive everyone who has done us harm so that we can release both us and them from residual energies of blame, resentment and judgement. These energies are toxic to us and to them so through guided imagery we invoke forgiveness to clear them.

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