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self-guided classes

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self-empowerment 101

This is a pre paid series designed to empower you to be your Authentic Self.  This is a self-guided journey of six steps that you can take at your own pace.  

You will be guided to connect to your true essence as a sovereign being and then to release any blocks from past lives, from childhood that are preventing you from living as a fully-empowered human.

We look at different areas of your life to find out why you have blocks in those areas then we release the blocks and create new programs of self empowerment.

Each class includes a video talk, meditation and worksheet.

 Over 4 hours of video.

6 Steps to Self Empowerment

Reclaim Sovereignty

Reparent the Inner Child,

Restore Self Esteem.

Activate Inner Warrior

Claim Abundance

Create Successful Relationship

Value:  $120.00

Your Price:  $67.00

on sale
only $47

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