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channeled soul readings
Akashic records

Akashic Record Readings

Charmian reads your Akashic record giving you information about where you walked as a Soul, your lives on Earth and in the Stars and which guides you have worked with. She reconnects you with lives where you were powerful, knew who you were and what your purpose was. Many of the stories that we are playing out in this lifetime are ones we have brought with us from the past both good and bad. When you remember the times when you were much more conscious than you are now then you are truly empowered.

Special offer 1hr reading only $85

 normally $125

                                       Channeled Message From The Masters

Charmian offers personal messages from the great Teachers and Masters that you have walked with in your past lives and who are guiding you in this life. Many of us walked with Mother Mary, Master Jesus, Lord Buddha, the Ascended Masters when they were on this Earth and they wish for you to know that they have a very personal interest and connection with you in this lifetime. They give you information about your mission here and guide you through activations  of your lightbody into Higher Consciousness.

                                      1hr reading $125
                                       Special offer $85


" My reading from Mother Mary was the best reading I have ever had. I felt Her love and Her concern for me.She was so gentle and kind and I felt my hurts just wash away. She made me feel special and important which has not been how I have been made to feel in this lifetime.I have always struggled with lack of self esteem and she took all of that away." Mary Los Angeles

Message from Archangel Michael

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