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Authentic Self Hypnosis


about me

I help you to make a soul connection.

I am a bridge between the worlds.  

Your Soul is waiting to talk to you right now.  Why delay? 

Let's connect you to your cosmic lineage.  I have your Soul on the line, will you accept the call?

I offer  Authentic Self Hypnosis sessions and classes by phone or Zoom video conferencing. 


My work guides you gently to self-empowerment for personal growth. 


I look forward to connecting with you.


My Offerings


 Authentic Self Hypnotherapy ASH

Charmian uses hypnosis to guide you to connect with your Higher Self. These sessions give you a roadmap of where you came from, where are you going and what is blocking you.



Access your divine consciousness so that you can begin to manifest your world the way you want it to be. These can be included in a hypnotherapy session or done separately.

Akashic Record Readings

 Charmian reads your Akashic record and  speaks to you of who you are as a soul, what lineage you have come through,  why you are here and where you have walked. She offers  personal channelled readings from Mother Mary and the Ascended Masters.



Charmian has authored three books which are available for purchase on Amazon.  She offers free guided meditations to accompany each book.

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Charmian offers a variety of classes including live teleseminars, hands on channeling and healing training, and hypobabies childbirth classes.


Retreats and Events

Spring Renewal Retreat

Cincinnati, Ohio 

Sound Baths live in Westlake Los Angeles and Ventura


Beltane Live Zoom event

Monday May 1st 2024

10am PST, 7am HST,

1pm EST,

6pm Uk, 7pm CET

​Beltane is the Celtic celebration of fertility.

As the sun warms the Earth once more we have the opportunity to call in abundance, creativity and blessings for ourselves, our loved ones and our planet.


After a long hard winter of storms and chaos we move now into a season of rich abundance.


At this time the Beltane fires are lit marking the season of fruitfulness and plenty. It is time to   ignite your passion. What is it that fills you with excitement and fire?


Light the flame and watch it manifest into abundance on all levels


This event is by donation.


You will receive a recording after the event is over.


Click button below to make your donation and you will receive the zoom link

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beltane goddess 2.jpeg
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