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Authentic Self Hypnosis


  • I help you to make a soul connection.

  • I am a bridge between the worlds.

  • Your Soul is waiting to talk to you right now.  Why delay? 

  • Let's connect you to your cosmic lineage.  I have your Soul on the line, will you accept the call?

  • I offer  Authentic Self Hypnosis sessions and classes by phone or Zoom video conferencing. 

  • My work guides you gently to self-empowerment for personal growth. 

  • I look forward to connecting with you.



Authentic Self Hypnosis

Charmian uses hypnosis to guide you to connect with your Higher Self. These sessions give you a roadmap of where you came from, where are you going and what is blocking you.


Access your divine consciousness so that you can begin to manifest your world the way you want it to be. These can be included in a hypnotherapy session or done separately.

Akashic Record Soul Readings

 Charmian reads your Akashic record and  speaks to you of who you are as a soul, what lineage you have come through,  why you are here and where you have walked. She offers  personal channelled readings from Mother Mary and the Ascended Masters and many more.

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Charmian has authored three books which are available for purchase on Amazon.  She offers free guided meditations to accompany each book.

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Charmian offers a variety of classes including live teleseminars, hands on channeling and healing training, and hypo babies childbirth classes.


Retreats and Events

Live zoom events

Sound Baths live in Westlake Los Angeles and San Luis Obispo


Summer Solstice Live Zoom event

Thursday June 20th 2024

10am PST, 7am HST, 

1pm EST,

 6pm Uk, 7pm CET


  The sun is at its full power and magnified by all of the Solar Flares of recent weeks.


These are turbulent times where the old must be broken down to make room for the new. We are all being challenged to let go of self- limiting beliefs and to step into All That We Are.

This is an opportunity to receive a massive upgrade to your lightbody in preparation for Ascension.


We will use the energy of this solstice to release old programs and to reclaim our true Magnificence as Beings Of Light.


Join Lightworkers from all over the world as we claim our heritage.


 This event is by donation.

You will receive a recording after the event is over.


Click button below to make your donation and you will receive the zoom link

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Masterclass for Lightworkers


Energybody Upgrades from the Major Vortex centers of Earth


Thursdays June 27th -August 8th 2024
(Not including July 4th)
7am HST,10am PST,
1pm EST,
6pm Uk, 7pm CET
 June 25th -August 6th
4pm PST, 7pm EST
Love exchange $333

(Payment plans available)


 email: charmianredwood@gmail

to secure your place in this class.


 There have been so many powerful infusions of energy from the Sun and the Cosmos in recent weeks and these have activated all of the vortex sites around the world. We will journey to 6 of these sites in our 6 week class to meet the Beings who are the guardians of the portals and to receive upgrades to our Lightbodies.


The Earth is transforming at an accelerated rate and it is challenging to navigate all of the changes which the transformation is creating. The way through it all is to raise your own vibration to bring more of you Divine Essence here into the physical body and to take charge of creating your own reality.

Receiving these upgrades will allow you to access your


                                           Superhuman consciousness

                                          Superhuman awareness

                                          Superhuman gifts, talents and abilities

                                          Superhuman CERTAINTY

                                          Superhuman KNOWING


Join us for this powerful class revisiting sites where we have served in our past lives as healers, priests and priestesses. Reconnect with your previous self who served at these incredible energy centers


Vortex Energy Centers

  • Telos/ Mount Shasta : Sirius/Lemurian / Ascended Master Connection

  • Haleakala Hawaii :Gateway to the stars and ancient Lemuria

  • Shambala : Home of the Great Masters

  • Sedona: Portal to other worlds and Star Nations

  • Uluru/ Australia Solar Plexus of Earth

  • Chichenitza : Mayan Temple of Light


Previous students say

'This class has been life changing in every way. It reminds me of the strength that I have and to connect with where we truly come from and where the characteristics of the spirit that we already have come from. We are always connected and the connection grows stronger in every way, unbelievable, thank you for everything."


"It is quite hard sometimes when you're dealing with a different sort of reality every day because you're becoming more and more aware of all that drama and you're not allowing yourself to get involved in it. Everyone else is still in that place and although you can influence some people that you're with and you're close to there are still so many people that you can't, it's difficult and the only thing we can really do is shine our light around them. These classes have helped me to find my true identity."

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