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444 Ascension Portal Activation free live webcast on April 4th 2020

Activation for the portal of 444 The only triple digit portal of 2020 On this powerful day of 4.4.4 a portal to the 5th dimension will be opened. I will be offering an activation for this Ascension Portal live from the Ascended Masters who will guide you through it.

At this critical  time on the Earth  it is of vital importance that the Lightworkers come together  to lift all of humanity into Oneness.

We are currently experiencing the most important energetic event of our time and it is coming the form of the Coronavirus. We need a complete change of consciousness if we are to remain on this planet. Please invite your friends

Live stream on You Tube

Saturday April 4th  11am PST 2pm Est  7pm UK 8PM CET    

Donations to support my work are greatly appreciated

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