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All Is well

People who have heard me talk will have heard many times that everybody in our lives is a holding a mirror for something that we need to learn or that we believe and that people will choose their lessons in the only way that they can receive them.There are a huge number of people here and elsewhere in the world who are still living out hatred for their human brothers and sisters based on age old prejudices of race, religion, nationality. Beliefs that say ” All black people are…., all christians are…., all moslems are….. all white people are…..”

These people are now being given the opportunity to revise those beliefs and we need to hold them all in prayer that we don’t need another senseless war to prove to them/us that love and peace are the way forward. There is much darkness surfacing on the Earth right now, old feuds are being brought into the light of day to be released so that we can truly shift into the New Earth which has no room for hatred and conflict. In the words of The Master’ Father, forgive them they know now what they do.”

Bless you all

Hold to the love, be the love, be peace and peace shall come to the Earth. The New Earth is being born and we are dreaming it in.

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