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Calling The Blue Light Brigade. Are you ready?

Greetings Beloved Lightworkers. In my hypnotherapy and Mystery School sessions these past few months it has been made very clear that we are now entering a critical phase in the Ascension process of Mother Gaia and the Lightworkers are needed now as never before to step up and assist in the process of her rebirth into her lightbody. There has been a massive clearing process going on both on the individual and global levels. Personally we have been having our wounding activated so that we can clear it .Negative belief programs that are keeping us small and disconnected must be released now. Similarly old hatreds, old conflicts which are poisoning the astral planes must be brought to the surface and be given the opportunity for healing, forgiveness and reconciliation. This is the cause of all of the global conflict especially in the Middle East.

As each one of the lightworkers clears our field of self doubt, bitterness, anger, lack of self worth we are clearing the way for our Divine Essence to be anchored into our energy field and we can begin to act from our God Consciousness.

I have been shown a ritual which can be done especially on the full moon on May 21st. Either hold a crystal or a glass of water in your hand. Attune yourself to your own Divine Aspect and to the beings of Sirius who are guiding this transformation of the Earth. Ask for the water or the crystal to be aligned with the plan for the ascension of the Earth from Separation into Oneness and then place the crystal or pour the water into a body of water near you or into the Earth.

Gaia is struggling right now because of all the toxicity we have created both physically and emotionally. She needs our help. We are her midwives  and she is giving birth. If we work with her consciously she will have a much easier birth with much less geological and weather disruption. It is time to remember that you are a powerful Divine Human and you can create anything you choose to. I offer sessions to help clear the blocks and to download the Divine essence into the energy body.

Blessings and love to you all. Charmian Redwood We are one

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