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Donkey or unicorn? What shall I be today?

Many lightworkers especially woman have been keeping themselves strong and independent, resisting asking for help and reluctant to receive it.This is because of old programming where to be dependent especially as a woman meant to be enslaved, abused and dis-empowered. So in this lifetime many of us came in with the program that in order to survive we must be strong and independent, not relying on outside help for our survival. In the past this kept us alive and it was a helpful program which kept us alive. Now that the energies have shifted upon the Earth it is time to make the shift into connecting into our Higher Selves, setting our intention and then simply allowing the universe to send us what we have asked for in the most appropriate way and this may mean through the generosity and benevolence of another. Now our strength is actually working against us and we are blocking the flow of abundance which Father Mother God want to gift to us.

There is resistance and fear which does not serve anyone, there needs to be a balance to let people be in their own light but not separate from one another. People are putting themselves in their own self-created jail which nobody else has created. Now the need to be strong and independent has become an obstacle. It has served its purpose and needs to be set aside along with it’s apparent illusion of strength and power. This is only superficial because without the acknowledgement and acceptance of one another there will only be self destruction. The image that comes is of a donkey tied to a grinding whee.We have been working so hard to survive in the third dimension and to hold our light so we have been going round and round in circles turning the heavy mill stone. Now the harness is off and “Oh my” we have transformed into unicorns.

So what do we do now? Use your magical wishing horn, dream your new reality with your intention and fly. We are all carrying guilt from the past when we felt we had failed especially in the destruction of Atlantis but we need to see that is was just part of the process. We are all here on Earth to choose love and the experience of its opposite is often the trigger that prompts us to choose the love, the higher ground, so out of darkness comes the light and we are in no way to be blamed but we do that to ourselves.

The shift is in outlook, it is good to see yourself as strong and independent, that element exists within everyone, but not to the exclusion of vulnerability and needing assistance. It is not one or the other but both. As beings of this Earth our strength comes from understanding all perspectives, there is a time and a place for each. Together we are beautiful, co-ordinated spirits of possibility so it is most important for us to accept and create in order to either accept the opportunity we are in or to move on to a new possibility. This is a transition, it takes takes time to let down the armoring and to open to vulnerability when for so many centuries our very survival has depended on our strength and control of our resources for survival. Be gentle with yourself through the process. Practice allowing vulnerability with people whom you trust to hold you in safety. Begin with love and compassion for yourself as you begin to allow the streams of possibility to flow in a beautiful harmony, gently flowing as one.

We need to remember that we are not alone here, we made an agreement as brothers and sisters of the light to return to the truth of who we are as Masters of Light. The agreement will be fulfilled and if we deny the agreement there is destruction. Some people are worried about the destruction, “If I don’t hold it all together everything will fall apart and I will die.” Not so, this is old memory at work. Let it fall apart for out of the ashes of the old comes the seeds of the new. We are impatient and we think we know the way, we think we can speed things up and there is an illusion of control. In fact it is our soul who is directing our script and bringing us everything that we need in order to awaken to our true self. If we are not listening but are busy ” making things happen” then the soul has to knock harder on our door with a little more dramatic life event to get our attention. Soul” I want you to be still and listen.” Human ” Oh I have all this stuff to do, I have this list and I must get it all done by myself by tomorrow. ” Soul” Oh, ok not listing huh, let’s see what a broken leg will do for you!”

In order to feel freedom we must accept, be and release constraints because everything that you resist becomes larger and more powerful until it destroys. If you do not resist and just move along with the flow the things that you want and need will come by and things you don’t want will come by. Then you make a choice, you can have any of them. It is your intention, your action and your destiny to realize that which you have agreed to.

We have hard heads and there is a lot of confusion. Many people are rejecting guidance while others are accepting guidance from within and reconnecting. Some are still lost and connecting in destructive ways. They are looking for someone to tell them how and why but in fact they are the ones that know and until they realize this fact they will continue to be imprisoned and to complain about imprisonment. They cannot see that the door is unlocked, they just need to step out and the air is clear on the other side. They must all step out of their own prisons which are only created by the mind. There is no victim here, there is only possibility and opportunity. When you realize what a powerful being of light you really are walking around in the human form then you begin to take charge of your life and use your intention to create everything that you need to live heaven on earth.

We are all carrying so many memories of self sacrifice either from our religious training where we were taught that we were sinners and needed to constantly punish ourselves or we mistakenly thought that martyrdom is required by God. Many of those whom I have worked with in past life regression were present at the crucifixion. We watched our Beloved Yeshua suffer and we vowed that his sacrifice would not be in vain so we put ourselves on the cross and have been there ever since, sacrificing ourselves either in our relationships, our financial abundance, denial of our gifts. It is no longer required and in fact never was for us to do this. In the Age of Aquarius which we are now firmly rooted in each one of us is to step into our own Divinity and experience the resurrection which Christ came to demonstrate. We are still playing the crucifixion but the cameras have moved to the resurrection scene so change sets immediately. Begin by loving and nurturing yourself as you love and nurture others. Give yourself permission to play, to laugh and to dance, whatever makes your heart sing. You are the Beloved and nothing will ever change that. The celestial realms support you and it is time for everyone who believes in love to receive the abundance of heavenly blessings. We chose to come back at this time to experience Joy, we have done the self punishment so it is time to let go of, ” I haven’t done enough, I’m not good enough, Oh no I am not perfect.” You are only here to shine the light of your being and to live your Joy.

Many blessings to you all

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