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How To Walk Through Fear

Free Live Webcast with Charmian Redwood

Please Join us

I will offer a meditation from the Ascended Masters to guide you

through any fear you are experiencing right now.

You can release old beliefs and programs from the past which

have kept you in poverty and lack.

We have the chance to bring those broken aspects

 from past lives into the Wholeness of our True Self.

We need to begin to manifest through our connection

to our Highest Self not from our misbeliefs in lack and


Sunday April 25th

11am PST 1pm EST 7pm UK

8pm CET

Free live webcast. Please join us

Use the link below this

Donations to support my work are greatly appreciated

For more information on my Self-Empowerment

Tele-classes and my special offer on  Authentic Self

Hypnotherapy  sessions see

       Earlybird discount on Charmian’s

               Accelerated Ascension Training Class 

The Earth is being lifted into light and we have the choice to ascend with Her or to be left behind. 

This class will help to prepare you to make that Ascension. This is an unprecedented opportunity to reclaim and reconnect with your Authentic Self and begin to live your truth.

Now as never before we need to be raising our frequency to travel with Mother Earth  into the Ascension

DNA Lightbody Activations

Clearing old programs

Healing the Inner Child

Reclaiming your wounded aspects

Connecting with your Higher Self

Stepping into sovereignty

Thursdays May 7th – June 11th

 (6 classes)

4-6pm PST 7-9 pm EST

11am-1pm next day (Friday)

 May 8th Sydney Australia


Mondays May 4 th –  June 15th 2020

10am-12pm PST, 1-3pm EST, 

6-8pm UK, 7-9pm Europe, 8-10pm S Africa

The class is offered at 2 different times for other

time zones choose whichever works best for you.

                     It is the same class.

   Love Exchange

Before April 30th $333                         Early bird discount

After May 1st $400 Payment plan possible

E mail To reserve your place

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