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Is it intense enough for you right now?

Is it intense enough for you right now? Does it feel like you are in a pressure cooker about to explode? Feeling exhausted an hour after getting out of bed? You are not alone.

The Earth is preparing for a huge shift of energy over the next three months, we have been operating with the planet at only 30% light quotient. This surge of energy from the end of July until October will bring it to the tipping point of 50%. All of the negative programs that we have accumulated through eons of density are being released now and people are feeling more fragmented, discouraged and overwhelmed than ever before.

We as light workers have been holding the energy, holding the Light and taking responsibility for everyone and everything. It is our devotion and dedication that has brought about this incredible change that the Earth is now ready to make. We are used to being the leaders, being the one who everybody looks to when everything is falling apart. We had to be strong just to remain on the planet through unbelievable suffering and pain. Now it is almost that the strength we developed to be able to remain here is now working against us. We have been a pillar of strength for the many at the expense of ourselves. Now we need to learn to be vulnerable, to allow our “ humanity”, to surrender and to ask for help.

It is a complete shift from always being the one in charge, the one in control, keeping the people alive, to being the child and to allow ourselves to be vulnerable. It is not a comfortable feeling, fears arise. “ What if I let go of control, everything will go into chaos, who will take care of me? What will happen to the child?” Just embrace the child within that is frightened and is venturing into new territory. Be very gentle with yourself, nurturing you and letting yourself choose the experiences or be with the people which are nurturing for you.

We came to Earth from our homes on many other planes because we knew the Earth was in trouble, we knew it would be dangerous going down, we would be forgetting each other and forgetting ourselves once the veil was crossed. We were very clear and confident. We had no idea how difficult passing through the veil of forgetting would be or else we probably would not have been so cavalier about rushing in here to bring the light. We have all been traumatized, we got here, the veil separated us from our light source and we couldn’t get back. Then it was ‘Oh my God, what have I done?” We have been trapped here for eons, holding the light, being crucified over and over, many of us are feeling exhausted, overwhelmed. We have got used to being the lone voice in the wilderness and have forgotten to either ask for or to receive help when it is offered.

I would like to share two journeys I did this week which throw light on this situation.

Journey # 1

I am sitting on a throne all by myself feeling responsible for everybody, many lifetimes as a High Priestess or a Queen being responsible for keeping people alive and solving all of their issues and disputes. Not as power over the people but being in service to them. At the time my strength was a blessing and necessary. Now it prevents me from asking for help or from receiving it when it is offered. I have to realize that I am not doing this alone anymore, there are many awakening now who will share the task so I can get off the throne.

I asked “ Does that mean I have to give up the throne?” The answer was “No.” I just need to give up feeling responsible for anyone else. I can be sovereign to myself and to no other.

Those whom we have been teaching and taking responsibility for are now ready to take their own thrones, we have prepared them, trained them in many lives of service in the great temples of Light, now we need to let them fly. So I saw myself handing out thrones of blue light to all the people in my life I have been taking responsibility for “ Fixing.”

I got off the throne put a note on it that said “ Gone on vacation, the answers you need are all within you.” I went to get a makeover, had all my worry lines removed and when I came back to my throne it was an equal, I placed empty thrones next to me and invited those who would come into my circle as equals and we would all help each other, to come and sit on them.

I realized that I haven’t been leaving room for partners or others to come in to support me because of this belief that it is my job to” Fix” everybody. So I have been attracting those who need fixing especially in my relationships.

Journey # 2

I am a little point of light swimming in the void deciding what to be. I chose to be born from the void as a star, shooting across the heavens. I landed on the Earth and got stuck. I had to climb a golden ladder to get back where I came from, back up to heaven. At the bottom the ladder was dense and heavy but as I got higher which took many lifetimes it became more light and golden. When I got almost to the top of the ladder angels reacedh down to help me up the last part. They said” You didn’t have to stop being an angel to live on the Earth.” I see that they are pulling the whole Earth up the ladder, closer and closer to heaven. I am on the Earth flapping my angel wings really hard trying to lift it up, they said” Don’t work so hard, there are lots of us helping.” I had been wearing myself out thinking I had to lift the Earth up all by myself.

There is a great polarization going on with the planet now, the frequencies are lifting some of us so high and yet others choose to remain where they are, stuck in there negativity, victim, blame, judgement, whatever it is. The gap is getting wider and it is getting increasingly difficult to be in both worlds, the old and the new. Density and negativity are holding us down and the light is lifting us up. We need to let go of people or situations that hold us back or those we have been carrying. We need to be with people of the same frequency so that we can lift each other up. So there is a lot of movement right now, jobs being removed, relationships ending, families being estranged. There is a settling as each one finds their own level. The mud stays on the bottom, the old beliefs, old judgements and the clear water rises to the top. We must each choose where we want to be. In the long run all will be lifted up but we need to separate from them now in order to do our job when we undertook this mission and that is to lift the Earth into the light.

There is a separation and everyone is finding their own level, people that are bringing us down because of their frequency we have to let go of. Often these include family members and partners so it is not easy but we need to be with those who have a harmonious resonance with our frequency so that we can lift the planet with the love and the grace which we are.

I am seeing the Old Earth dropping away so it is important that we release those who are weighing us down, who are weights on our wings. Invite instead those who will be the wind beneath our wings, who will help us to fly.

So how can we support ourselves and our bodies to be in two opposite worlds? Firstly be careful of our diet, eat more higher vibrational foods, more vegetables, fruits, especially green vegetables. Also stay grounded, increase your water intake as water is the conduit that will carry the frequency of light, especially alkalinized water. PH water helps us to stay grounded and to speak to each other, our signals will be stronger. That is one of the problems right now, our signals are weak and we can’t reach each other. We are looking for one another and it is time for our soul groups to come together.

Being in nature, walking barefoot as much as possible, will resonate with Mother Earth. You will feel her through your feet and she knows that you need that connection.

Many lightworkers are feeling very depleted right now, the energy is ramping up and our bodies are tired. Alkalinized water helps us to stay grounded and to speak to each other, our signals will be stronger. That is one of the problems right now, our signals are weak and we can’t reach each other. We are looking for one another and it is time for our soul groups to come together.

Beloved ones, remember this is not the time to walk alone, reach out to one another. I see a spiral path leading up a high mountain, we are all crawling up it, often on our hands and knees, we reach back to help each other saying “ Come on. You can do it. Just a little farther.”

Then we are at the top of the mountain and one by one we just jump off and fly home. We are angels flying back home, we flew down here and now we need to go back but we are bringing the Earth with us. It has been unbelievably difficult, we have all been traumatized, but we are almost at the top of the mountain and nothing can stop us now.

I honor and celebrate each one of you. We are one.

Message from Mother Mary July 20th 2014

This is a very critical time upon the Earth. The choices that are being made now will determine whether the New Earth is born in grace and ease or in turmoil and conflict. It is most important for each human being upon this planet to choose the Way of Love. This is the Way our Beloved Master Yeshua taught us, it was His whole purpose in taking a human form. It is time for the children of the Earth to hear this message, to take it up and to become “ love in action” which means finding the love in every situation. This means even in the smallest ways in every day life not just the great and grandiose ways but in the small ways to become a beacon or an ambassador of love. By your own interactions with one another through the heart with love gradually the quotient of love as opposed to conflict will become the dominant aspect on the Earth. So we ask each one of you in every situation to look into your heart and ask ” What would love do now? “

What would love say now?” “Where is the Love in this situation?” Sometimes love means saying “ No.” It is not always condoning behavior that is causing conflict and pain to another. As with a parent who must sometimes restrain the child that is causing disruption and hurt to another, so it is that sometimes with those around us the loving action is to say, “ No, this is not acceptable, this is unworthy of you, there is a higher place for you to reach here.”

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