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“Light is Returning, Even though this is the darkest hour, no-one can hold back the dawn.&#822

Light is Returning, Even though this is the darkest hour, No-one can hold back the dawn.”

Message for our times By Charmian Redwood

In the words of Charlie Thwaite’s song lies the truth about this time on the Earth. When all seems darkest there the light shines most brightly. Everything on this planet is playing out in exact accordance with the Divine Plan. We all have an agreement for what is happening now and the outcome is assured. If you look back over your life you will see that the times you grew the most were the times which challenged you the most. For me it was a Near Death Experience through blood poisoning following childbirth which completely changed my life and put me on the track I am now on.

We came here in the beginning to lift this planet into the light, we came in our Light bodies at the time of Lemuria where we worked in teams with crystals to manifest beautiful cities and to create peace and harmony here on the Earth plane. We seeded love and light into the crystal grids which was transported over the whole planet and was received by all living beings. We lived under the Law of One, seeing all beings as one family of light.

Then came the time of separation from our Divine Essence. We descended into conflict, chaos and pain. The challenge was to see if we could endure hardship, lack of love and much persecution and still hold our original innocence, light and strength.

We have returned now to lift this planet into the 5th dimension where there is only love after millions of years of density. The light is finally coming to the Earth as the process known as Ascension. The star seeds, the light seeds have all returned and are finding each other. It is time to come together in our teams once more to help each other to awaken, to reclaim our power as creator beings and to manifest the new reality on the Earth. It is important to come together in our groups to visualize, intend and tone together to strengthen the planet.

As the vibration of the Earth increases bringing in more light it will become increasingly intolerable for those who are holding the lower vibrations of fear, power over, control and anger to remain here in physical bodies unless they are willing to change and to move into the higher frequency of love and compassion. These elements are fighting hard to keep power and control in the way they want it but will find it impossible to do so.

It looks like the world has gone crazy and everything is falling apart. Not so, as we enter a new cycle, a new year 2017 which is a number 1 year in numerology ( 2+0+1+7= 10=1). It is a year of new beginnings, a new paradigm. 2016, a 9 year in numerology, was a year of endings and completions. What is going on is that the enormous wave of light which is flooding the planet is bringing up to the surface all of the old feuds, old hatreds and prejudices which were passed down from ancient times and have no basis in truth. Each person on this planet is being given the opportunity to move beyond the conditioning of their familial programming and to say,” No, I am a member of the human family, one human race and we are all equal. All men and women are my brothers and sisters.”

There is much conflict at this time because energies are polarizing, there is no more grey area, there is only light or dark, love or fear. The tide is turning and we are the rising tide, in the end there will be only love and those who have harmed others will be filled with remorse for what they have done.

We agreed to come back at the time when the Earth was ready to Ascend, this time we will not fail, the Light will prevail and we are here to watch the tide turn.

It is not our job to judge others, just to know that each one will be called to their own reckoning and will want to put right the harm they have done. Our only responsibility is for our own actions, to do no harm and to bring only love wherever there is friction.

Often we have been rescuers, trying to help others to avoid the pain which we have felt. Now we must realize that each one must learn the lessons which they themselves have chosen and we do no service to them by protecting them from the consequences of their choices.This is especially difficult with those closet to us. Simply send love, blessings and forgiveness to all and know for them that they have the strength, the wisdom and the knowledge to overcome all challenges but they cannot gain that strength if we keep jumping in to protect them from their life lessons.

The focus now is for each of us to become an Awakened Being, this is how the Earth will be lifted into Her Ascension, as each person recognizes the truth of themselves as Creator God/ Goddess we will reclaim the planet and lift her into the Light.

For this purpose teams from ancient times are being reconnected, we must reactivate the Temples of Light which were shut down at the destruction of Atlantis, Lemuria and many other civilizations. We always removed the crystals of power and sealed the Temples into the Higher Dimensions until the time of the renewal when we would return to reactivate them and to power the Earth grids with Divine Light.

The sacred keys of Knowledge were hidden in all of the Sacred sites and are waiting for us to reclaim them. You do not need to go physically, this can be done on the astral plane, but many of us are finding ourselves drawn to ancient sites to download the codes of our own Empowered Self as we were at that previous time and to ask for the site to be reactivated in the Name of The One.

The temple teams are finding one another to accelerate each others ascension process, restore peace on Earth and then we can return to the places we came from. We will all work together as we always have.

Look forward to what you are ready to create, do not look back in anger, resentment or regret. Put right what you can, forgive yourself for that which you cannot.

I have been guided to offer an online class to bring together a team from Ancient Lemuria, details below if you feel called. This is once more a 6 week class. Let me know if you would like to take the class but the time is not good for you. It is most important fro the teams to come together so I will offer more classes if a better time suits you. This is my purpose here, to find the teams, bring them together and work to seed the Ascension codes into the crystal grids on the Earth.

In my hypnotherapy work I take people to experience themselves as Divine essence and to collect many multi-dimensional aspects of themselves when they were fully conscious beings see my website

Lightworker School Spiritual Development Training Online Class Charmian Redwood 6 week series Wednesday January 18th – Feb 22nd

4-6pm EST

1-3pm PCT

9-11pm GMT

We came to Earth together in teams where we worked in the great temples of Atlantis, Lemuria and all of the spiritual traditions since then. Gaia is calling the teams together now to remember who we are and to reclaim the knowledge that we had then. The Lightworkers are here to help Her to move into Her Ascension and Her body of light. It is most important at this time to connect with our soul family and kindred spirits who are spread all over the planet.

In this class you will learn the skills of Clairvoyance Clair-audience Clair-sentience. Healing Channeling Ascended Masters Aura Reading

“I feel more confident and able to stand up to people who don’t see the real “me.” When you have confidence and no triggers it doesn’t matter what they are doing. I don’t retaliate. I felt a deep connection to each of the people in the group, and I learned a lot about myself. I feel much more powerful than I have ever felt in my life. All of my friends are 3 D people, full of anxiety and fear but this is a different energy. It is safer and higher and it feels so good. I feel so much more comfortable with who I am. The people in the group were open but now they have been blasted off. Gifts are coming that I didn’t know I could do. Going back and reclaiming the priestesses in the first few sessions, those layers, bringing back that strength, was almost like unlocking doors of memory for me. “Yes, I can do that,” like little chicks and each one was like the biggest experience, it was powerful. “Karen Cincinnati

“It has really been about ” feeling it,” I could read about this and do all kinds of meditations but now I have the “feeling” from these classes. I can feel the vibration, I can feel everything and it is just amazing how it just shows up. Books give you information ” about”, but don’t help you to embody it.” Samarah

” I came into this class a broken sparrow and I am leaving it a warrior eagle.” Jean Cincinnati We will work together traveling to the Temples of Sirius, Pleiades, Greece, Egypt and many more to reconnect with our multi-dimensional aspects, use them to reclaim the aspects of ourselves which are already in full consciousness and to lift the Earth into Her Radiant Light. Everybody will participate in our group journeys speaking messages from our many aspects and from our guides. This is a class for empowerment of your authentic self. If you miss a class you will receive the recording.

Investment in yourself $222 Payment plan possible on request Deposit of $50 secures your place

For more info e mail or call 808 344 9932

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