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Lightworker Advanced Spiritual Development Class

With Charmian Redwood

Let’s take it one step higher and go all the way. Let’s take it to the next level Wednesdays March 8th- April 12th 12pm PST, 1pm MST, 3pm EST 8pm UK, 9pm Spain 6 week class for 2 hours each week

Aloha Beloveds

Many of you have taken the Level 1 class and connected to your Divine Selves in a very powerful way. We are being challenged as the world around us spins into ever more chaos to step up and reclaim the truth of Who We Are. We can make a difference. As you deepen your skills at connecting with your own multi-dimensional self and your Master Guides you can truly begin to make a difference in your world. In the Advanced class we will go deeper into learning how to channel the Ascended  Masters and receiving messages for each other. Gaia is calling the teams together who have served in her temples from the beginning and they are needed now as never before.Are you ready to step up and be all of who you are? “I feel more open and more connected with everything. I get messages can to focus more easily. It was nice being with like-minded people for whom this stuff is “normal”.  My friends think I am weird. I feel more confident and able to stand up to people who don’t see the real “me.” when you have confidence and no triggers it doesn’t matter what they are doing. I don’t retaliate. I felt a deep connection to each of the people in the group, and I  learned a lot about myself.   I feel much more powerful than I have ever felt in my life. All of my friends are 3 D people, full of anxiety and fear but this is a different energy. It is safer and higher and it feels so good. I feel so much more comfortable with who I am. The people in the group were open but now they have been blasted off. Gifts are coming that I didn’t know I could do.Going back and reclaiming the priestesses in the first few sessions, those layers, bringing back that strength, was almost like unlocking doors of memory for me.” Karen Ohio

This class is open to everyone who has either taken one of my classes or worked private sessions with me Cost $ 222 ( payment plan possible) email or call 808 344 9932 to reserve your place. This will be a small and powerful group so book your place now If you miss a session I will send the recording for you to practice alone.

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