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Mirror, mirror on the wall.Who is that person?

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who is that person in there?

You may have noticed that energies have been a little intense recently! The frequency of the Earth has been  measurably increasing. The electro- magnetic frequency as measured on the Schumann frequency scale hit 16.5 whereas 30 years ago the Earth  was vibrating at around 7.8 hertz . The Earth  is literally speeding up! So you may have been feeling emotional, ungrounded, exhausted, dizzy, fuzzy or depressed – you are not alone! As Mother Earth continues to uplift her vibration to the New Earth dimensional frequencies and the Sun assisting by sending us massive charges of intense radiation on almost a daily basis now, our bodies instinctively acclimatising and trying to match her vibration, so that we can travel with her on the ‘Ascension’ path. So what does this mean? Over our many years of traveling through very dense vibrational energy in the third dimension we have all collected negative energies in our emotional, physical and mental bodies. These negative residues such as fear, doubt, resentment, rage, hate are vibrating at a very low frequency and are preventing us from moving forward  into the embodiment of our Divine Self which is what the Ascension is. Mostly we are unaware that we have these negative programs, thoughts and emotions so we have contracts with those around us to hold a mirror for us to be able to see them.These programs sit in our unconscious mind and have a huge effect on our lives.

People in our field hold two kinds of mirrors. There are our dark mirrors who show us where our wounding is and our light mirrors who see us as Divine, whole and complete. Both of these mirrors are absolutely vital in this process of removing the old “junk” programs from our database. Those who hold our dark mirrors are the ones who challenge us and are often in our close family, partners, children, siblings, parents. They are the ones who we let in close and who know where our weak points are.

So everybody that is in your life is a reflection of something that you believe about yourself or about the world. If you experienced painful relationships in this lifetime or any previous one and you may hold a belief that relationships are abusive, dis-empowering and enslaving then guess how your relationships are going to show up in this life? When you have figured out what the person who is challenging you is showing you about your self belief then you just say, “Thank you for holding that mirror for me that is showing my lack of self worth, my belief that I deserve to be  disrespected etc. I no longer need you to hold that mirror for me as I will now hold it for myself and heal it. Thank you and goodbye.” You will be amazed how quickly abusive relationships drop away when you no longer need that mirror.

Those who appear to be your persecutors are actually helping to set you free from your own demons within and they are the ones we need to be grateful for. Before we come into this body our soul group gets together to decide what lessons we want to learn, what Karma we are going to put right, etc. Each one decides who is going to play persecutor and who the victim. It is all a soul contract and has a powerful purpose in our whole life plan. When you are no longer triggered by anything anybody says to you, when you start to attract healthy relationships, find your perfect fulfilling work then you will know that your wounds are being released and healed. Other people in your life hold the light mirror for you, they see the beauty in you, they love you unconditionally and simply want you to be the Divine being that you are. Often these are not in your immediate family but can be friends, but whatever  people or activities in your life  that leave you feeling uplifted and joyful, do more of that!! Those who make you feel that you have no value, look at what it is in you that has invited that mirror in.

We are being washed clean as the higher frequencies come in so be gentle with yourself and your process, get help to uncover your wound if you need it.

I offer hypnotherapy sessions by phone or skype to look at the contracts and the wounds to release them and to connect with the Divine Self. Many blessings to you,


Charmian will be offering

A Ho’o pono pono ceremony at Conscious Con expo May 16 & 17 8 am – 8:30 pm May 16 8 am – 6:00 pm May 17 Duke Energy Convention Center Downtown Cincinnati, OH

Charmian Redwood, Ozark Mountain Publishing, author of “Coming Home to Lemuria,” will give her presentation A New Earth Rising including a guided meditation utilizing a crystal bowl at the 2015 Ozark Mountain Transformation Conference  Arkansas To learn more about Charmian and the conference

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