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Mother Mary’s Message To The World by Charmian redwood

The theme of my channeling the last two weeks has been that it is so critical that each one of the Lightbearers really steps up now and begins to do what you came to do. As the light frequency of the Earth is increasing then those who are still trying to do the ” power over” game can no longer be here. Each one of you is needed so no matter how small you think your contribution is or you think you don’t have anything to offer or you are not ready yet,just do it anyway.It is just about being the love wherever you are to everyone you meet.

Mother Mary speaks “All is not as it seems, you look around, there is darkness and there is suffering and you wonder “Where is the light? What has happened to the light? ” Yet I say to you now that there is a great light stirring and it is stirring in the hearts of the many. The children of light who have carried the flame, who have kept the light alive, this is your time, you are the blossoming of the tree, you are the flowering of the seed that was planted by Our Beloved Yeshua so long ago. Do not be discouraged by that which you see around you, it is only the surface and this too shall pass. There is a great flowering in the hearts of men, there is a great awakening and when those of you who have kept the flame alive, when you awaken to the truth of your Being, when you remember that you are the light, then you will reclaim the Earth for the light. The prophecy shall be fulfilled and Heaven shall be united with Earth; the garden returned, the age of gold, the age of peace shall truly become your reality, this I promise you. So it was foretold and so it shall come to pass. This is the law. All is well, Beloved Ones.

It is time for each one of you to awaken and to remember Who You Are.You are the ones who have carried the Flame of Eternal Love for eons of time. Know, remember, accept, trust, share, you are the One, your role is defined, you carry the message, you carry the light, do not limit the light, do not put it under a bushel, be the light. You are here to anchor the Light once more upon the Earth. You are here to anchor peace for 1000 years or more, your mission is to bring unconditional love expression, to express the Oneness of being of all humanity, it is to stand there and “be,” all in our different ways, to anchor the spirit of Christ. It comes in different forms, teaching, touching, vibration, just to anchor the light, you are light workers, you are recognizing each other and are connecting. You are “being” for whoever is drawn to you but you are also interacting and catalyzing one another. Individuals and returnees are reconnecting and finding their wholeness, some people must pass on to make way for others, some people are being drawn and coming here who are bringing in the light beings, the indigo children, but it’s reconnection in so many areas and avenues. You are here to bring the light which is the wholeness, that purity of expression that is reconnecting and is opening this planet and this universe to the next universe.

You ask, what to I have to offer? What can I do? How can I serve? It is very simple, you simply lay your hearts on the altar of the Most High, offer your life in service and surrender All. Do not hold anything back for there is no greater glory than to serve the Divine Plan upon the earth. It is a choice that each one must make for themselves, none other can do it for you. When you offer your life in service then your guides and your higher self direct you as to how that service may be performed and we will direct to you those to whom you can be of service.

More knowledge is passing through the veil, more light is passing through as more people who have seen it begin to realize it. The light has always been within and as more light penetrates the Earth from the universe, there is greater awakening because the more light there is, the more dense energy it can penetrate. There is a building of the light, a building of the energy at this time in a continued awakening for this planet, for all who choose to awaken; it is a choice.

There is increasing separation on the Earh based on the choices that humans make, you choose the light or you do not choose the light at this time, eventually all is the light because all are the light. The challenge for each human is to identify the light within themselves, to nurture it and to see it in all those around them and to nurture it in them. Enlightened ones must enlighten others, for the more that can be a part of the light, a part of heaven, the more light is generated. It’s a cycle, it’s a circle, no one is forced to acknowledge the light, it is all choice and although someone at this time may choose not to embrace the light we do not condemn them for at some point they will find it, they will love it, they will address it and they will embrace it. The more love that we can send to the darkness, the less darkness there will be. Many changes are coming for those who choose the light, there is great pain and suffering already here upon the Earth, you can continue on that path of pain and suffering or you choose the light.

Those who choose the path of love will experience lighter bodies, not being so physical, more joy, peace and connectedness, less “me” and more of “I am”. Truly heaven on Earth, that is what we speak of.

Every being on this planet knows and feels the Divine that is inside of them, they know it’s there, you can choose to run to it or you can choose to run away from it. On Earth it is easier to run away from it, it is work to run towards it, it is faith, it is giving up “you”. It is giving up selfishness, it is giving up only thinking of yourself, that is where humans struggle. It is realizing that it’s not all about “you” or ” I,” it is the “I am,” it is being your part in the whole and not even seeing yourself as a component, just being “one” with the whole. It is letting go of the ego, it is letting go of control, it is trusting that God knows, that the God part of you knows what is best.

The one action that would draw you closer to enlightenment and to God that would be to love yourself first. Loving yourself is loving the creation of God, it is loving God; wars, pain, strife, fear all come from not loving yourself. If you do not love yourself you cannot love others, it must start there. Despite your flaws, despite the illusions of being human, the pain, the fear, despite all of that, you must love yourself. When you love yourself you connect back to Source, you are giving thanks for being created, that is all that God wants, it is your joy with His creation, it is your creation so why would you resent it?

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