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Out of Chaos, a New Heaven and a New Earth? Are you Ready?

Out of Chaos, A New Heaven and A New Earth?

The Earth is on the Fourth Ray which is Harmony through Conflict. Looking at the planet right now the conflict part is very obvious but would you mind if we could get to the harmony part quite soon? There is a very powerful energy surging around the planet right now. Astrologically Pluto in Capricorn is forming a challenging aspect to Uranus in Aries, there is a potential for great conflict but also of moving to a Higher place to resolve it. Old structures which are sustaining the misuse of power are being challenged to change or die. Only that which is of Love and Harmony will remain of the Earth as she moves into her new form as a Radiant Being of Light. In our own personal lives if we can settle our conflicts with compassion and understanding, give up our addiction to being right in favor of living in harmony with our adversaries then we are creating the possibility for humanity as a whole to choose the higher ground.

In a channeling I was doing this week I was shown a black shell around the Earth which is preventing the golden light from the Higher planes from being received. Outside the shell all of the Ascended Masters, Angels and Light Beings from many star systems were directing beams of golden light trying to dissolve the shell. I asked what the shell was and I saw black cords coming from so many people that were attached into the shell keeping it alive.

The shell was created by all of the negative emotions and thoughts forms that we have been playing out on the Earth. Misuse of power, willingness either to abuse or to play victim and to receive abuse, resentment, anger, hatred, fear, competitiveness. All of these toxic emotions are holding us in separation, preventing us from stepping into our own Divinity and are prolonging conflict and chaos on this planet.

I saw that as individuals clear these energies from themselves then the black changed to gold and they began helping the Beings outside the shell by becoming receptors for the Golden Light on the Earth. The image was of a little chick trying to break out of its shell and to set itself free.

I was shown that the Earth is like a giant jar of soil and water that has been shaken up. It is all mixed together and very murky. What is happening now is that the mud is settling to the bottom and the clear water is rising up to the light. It is time for each person on the planet to choose, do you want to stay stuck in the mud and play the old games of revenge, anger, greed, resentment, victim or do you want to swim up to the light and to be in the clear water? If you choose the clear water then go there and stay there. Those around you may not be ready to choose the light yet so you can’t keep on swimming back down to the mud to “rescue them”.

You can stay in the light and be a beacon but you can’t keep going back down into the mud. So let them go, whether it is relationships, friends or work situations that are keeping you stuck in the mud, let them go with love and blessings. A beautiful tool for letting go of old negative emotions is just forgiveness, Ho’o pono pono. Whatever you think anyone has done to you or that you have done to yourself or to another just say “I’m sorry, I love you, forgive me, thank you.” Holding on to old anger, resentment, blame is toxic to you and to the one you are directing it to, so let it go.

When you are still living with those old emotions, fear, anger, blame etc you are part of the problem that is suffocating the Earth and preventing the light from shining through. When you release those negative emotions and choose love then you become part of the solution.

I was doing a session with someone this week who went into the memory of being killed as a primitive warrior. We were doing a hypnotherapy session to discover the original cause of his neck pain. We went to a lifetime as a primitive warrior who was killed by a spear wound to the neck. In his life review after the death we asked why he had chosen to have that experience in that lifetime. He was a warrior because there was the responsibility to his family, to the community to provide and protect and he was respected.

I asked why he chose such a violent ending in that life. The answer was that the soul purpose of that life was to come to the understanding that war is not the way and to choose peace. The way forward is peace not war and in subsequent lives he became a peacemaker.

I asked how this relates to the Earth now and the answer was that many people are choosing to experience war so that they can come to peace. Those who still choose war haven’t gotten it yet, it’s the lower mind, they don’t know what it’s all about. The potential is there for the Higher Mind. It’s a matter of rising above ego self, letting go of differences, seeing the Divine in everyone, being willing to let go of your “position” and to look from the perspective of your “adversary”. There are no “enemies,” there are only other Selves.


I asked how we as Lightworkers can help those who are choosing war to come to an understanding that peace is the way, the response was to become the peace that we wish to see in the world. We can open to the Higher Mind, visualizing and projecting peace. We can project it out into the world and use our intention. When we see that we are not separate, that what we carry in our energy field affects the Whole then we can create Peace by being Peace and by setting our intention for peace to prevail on the planet.

The hurricanes that were heading for Hawaii were a symbol of what is happening on the planet right now. Mother Earth is shaking off the toxic energy that we are creating with our violent emotions. She is birthing herself into her new Light body and we are her midwives, as we can clear our own toxic energy then she won’t have the need to use these violent means to clear herself.

I learned when I lived on the islands that nothing is outside of influence from our positive intentions and prayers. During my six years In Hawaii I experienced, earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes approaching. As soon as we learned what was heading towards us many people would go into prayer and ceremony to see the energy being calmed and it worked without fail. We can do this from wherever we are. Last week when I heard about the hurricanes coming I offered the energy for all of my groups to calming the storm, I received a note on facebook from a woman whose house was in direct path of the storm saying that it was heading straight for her house then miraculously went underneath the island and didn’t hit. We need to get used to “miracles” being our new “ normal”. We are powerful co-creators. My first month on the big island I was shaken out of bed by an earthquake shaking the house. I had absolutely no fear because I heard very clearly that Gaia wasn’t trying to hurt anyone, she just really needs us to wake up and stop what we are doing to our home.

So thank you all, magnificent Beings from the stars, beautiful angels for walking this Earth with me. I am truly blessed by your presence.

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