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Prepare for Blast off as two powerful portals open with both Lunar and Solar eclipses this month

There has been a great shift in the energy of the earth as an enormous upsurge of light is clearing away the residue of our long walk through density, separation and distortion of the use of power. All of the light workers are pulling the light in now and we are at the tipping point. That is why everything looks so dark and we hear so many reports about terrorist actions across the world, shootings and bombings. It is the dark before the dawn. It is the last ditch resistance from the energy of density before the planet is finally restored to the light. It is the light that is pushing up through the darkness from underneath and bringing all of the distortions to the surface to be released. Once you turn the light on and there hasn’t been light there for a while everything looks very strange and it feels disturbing.

However there are pinpricks of light all over the earth as the light workers awaken to the truth who they really are. They are meant to go into the dark spaces and to shine the light. Everything on this planet is being returned to light so focus your attention on the new earth that you want to create and become part of the tidal wave that is sweeping away the old and corrupt systems of power of the few over the many, of greed and corruption.  There is a shadow over the earth  but the shadow is moving back and the light is infiltrating the darkness, going underneath it and finding ways to get into it and break it up.

There are two portals which will be opening in this powerful month of August which will greatly affect this shift of energy.

First is the Lunar eclipse on August 7th  2.11pm EST 11.11am PCT This is a celebration of the feminine energy which the moon represents. All of us are carrying wounds in our emotional bodies from our many experiences in the realm of density. We hold the memories of grief, anger, fear, guilt, shame in our cellular memories. These experiences of past trauma create our belief systems and therefore are controlling the reality which we are creating around us. If you did not receive love and nurturing as a child you may believe yourself to be unworthy of love and so prevent yourself from experiencing loving relationships. If you died in great poverty in a previous life you may have a belief  that you are unable to achieve financial security and wealth in this one. Whatever your belief is, that is what shows up in your life.

This lunar eclipse  is reset opportunity. The moon influences the waters of the planet and the water within us so this is likely to be an emotional time. It will bring up emotional residue, anger, grief, fear, wanting to keep dragging up the past, but it is an opportunity for cleansing,  forgiving and letting go.

The past made us who we are, it developed our strengths and showed us our weaknesses. So at the time of the eclipse do a ceremony or a meditation focusing on forgiving all of the people and situations which you have found yourself thinking about in the time before the eclipse.  Forgive yourself for everything which you feel bad about in your past and start again.  Look at the emotions which these memories  trigger and see the wounding within yourself that they are mirroring. Is there a part of you that is playing victim? Do you believe on some level that you deserve to be treated disrespectfully?

It is a time to celebrate the divine feminine energy on the earth. men and women coming together to celebrate the qualities of gentleness, nurturing, mothering and compassion. A time to give thanks for the feminine influences in our lives, our mothers, daughters, sisters and our Mother Earth. Time to bring back the balance, instead of competition there is a recognition of the difference between the masculine and the feminine. Women don’t have to try to be men and men don’t have to try to be anything different from what they are. We can just celebrate one another as male and female aspects of the Divine Oneness.

Solar eclipse August 21st 2.30pm EST 11.30 am PCT

The shadow is making one last attempt to retain control of the Earth before it gets pushed away. This eclipse is an opportunity to draw a veil over the past and close the doors that make you want to keep looking back.  A new door is opening, there is a new dawn as the face of the sun is revealed, bringing a whole new world full of light, joy, Christ light, dancing and singing.

It would be beneficial to do ceremony with fire, burning whatever represents those things  we need to let go of both personally and on the planetary level. What of the old way do we want to see released? Then what do we wish to give birth to? What are we calling into being to be empowered by the new revelation of the solar energy when the eclipse is done. You can do this alone or in a group, write or draw on paper what you wish to release both for yourself and for the planet and offer it to the fire. Then write or draw the new qualities which you are calling in and offer those to the flame. Make  simple ceremonies with crystals,  water, flowers, giving thanks that the light has returned. Offer prayers seeing that the light is already here, seeing it as already done, celebrating that and giving thanks for that. Light candles to celebrate the return of the light, we carry the light wherever we go and the candle reflects the light within.

Go outside and look at the sun then bring the sun energy inside of you. Think about  what brings you joy and let that shine out to others through your joyful practice. It is like lighting a candle then spreading the light to others just by being. Find what lights you up, what ignites your passion and see how you can include that in your daily life. Are you taking time to sing, dance, celebrate, listen to the birds singing, enjoy the roses?

As the shadow across the sun withdraws there is a real feeling of all the light workers on the earth connecting, we are all looking up at the sun wherever we are on the planet and a wave of joy travels around the whole planet and disperses the shadow. What one light worker does we all benefit from, what we learn the others learn too and it all helps with collecting and gathering the light. A new energy emerges, a new beginning within people themselves, they are connecting  what is happening with the eclipse with what is happening within their lives, putting the shadow back in the past where it belongs. So remember you are not alone, feel the energy of all of the children of light sending love to you.

See the earth bathed in light and all of the light workers coming together on that day and reclaiming the earth for love. Let this be the awakening of the New Earth

Celebrate the light in joy, you can counteract the shadow by celebrating the light that there is rather than looking at what looks like darkness. Know that the light is growing stronger and you are adding to the light when you focus on what brings you joy and all that is good on the earth. You are a powerful Divine  Being who is all knowing, all seeing, who knows the plan and your part in it. You can make a difference.

In the time leading up to these powerful eclipses be mindful of what you eat, how much  sleep you get and nurture yourselves physically and emotionally.  It would be a good time to do a  cleanse of some kind to clear your body of toxins.

Many blessings to you and deep gratitude for your presence on the Earth for the rebirth

Charmian Redwood Please share this e mail

I offer sessions of hypnotherapy to look into those belief systems which cause our problems and to release them. Also for you to experience yourself as powerful divine essence and discover your soul purpose.

I also have mp3’s on my website with guided journeys to heal the inner child and to find forgiveness for those who have hurt us. http://www.cominghometolemuria.comCopyright  Charmian Redwood 2017 All rights reserved.

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