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The Great Cosmic Shake up. Do you feel as if you are in a blender?

cosmic being

A Message for Lightworkers


The Great White Brotherhood


Charmian Redwood

This is a remarkable time on planet Earth, old structures, old ways of being are disintegrating because they are simply no longer sustainable as the Earth shifts into her 5th dimensional aspect. At the same there is an uplifting, a rising of the Pheonix, as each one of you who came from the light to seed that light upon the Earth begins to shed the burdens that you have accumulated during your many lifetimes of suffering in the 3rd dimension. You too are rising like the Pheonix as you release those aspects of yourself that have been conditioned by the old ways, ways of raising children with fear not love, ways of progressing in your career through the energies of competition and power over. Relationships based on control  and power struggle.These old ways of being will simply not work any longer.

It is now the real purpose of the Lightworkers to raise themselves up into increasingly finer and higher vibrations so that you can begin to embody the light codes which will become the new frequencies and the new way of being on the Earth. As always for those who are the first wave, the pioneers who are breaking down old structures and creating new ones this is not an easy task. It is not easy to embody the qualities which you know to be true, forgiveness, harmony, peace, beauty and love which you remember both from the time of Lemuria before the Fall and from your home in the light before you came to the Earth. To bring these energies into chaos is a very challenging task. It is through overcoming the challenges that you will  step into mastery of all the planes and into Ascension. This is a time of great polarization, you might say that the Earth is a great tub of mud, water and specks of gold. The tub is being shaken and stirred so all of the frequencies are mixed together, the gold, the water and the mud. Very gradually out of the turmoil and the chaos there is a settling, the mud sinks to the bottom, the water clears and the gold specks are drawn to the surface by the power of the sun.

This is exactly what is happening now on the planet. You are being shaken in your personal lives so that old beliefs of self denial, lack of self worth are being purged from your field and also in your international, inter-racial and inter-religious activity. Everything is being shaken up so that the old structures that were created and conditioned by love of power, love of wealth, greed and competitiveness will totally fall away and sink to the bottom with the mud. Those energies which are the golden specks, which are feeling the pull of the Higher Realms, which connect us back to the Golden Essence of Oneness, are rising now to the surface so that we can embody our own Divine Essence and begin to live in harmony and peace as we are meant to.

It is most important during these times of chaos and conflict to come together with those of like mind and like frequency so that you may support and feed one another as you lift up together, being drawn by the light of the solar energy which is bombarding the Earth right now. Do not isolate yourself as it is most important that you begin not simply to fulfill your mission here which is your soul purpose but also to be lifted up into the great Joy which is a symptom of the new way of being in the Golden Age which you are seeding now. This Joy comes from communion with the Nature kingdoms and with kindred souls who are responding to the same impulses as you are.

We do urge you to be open to finding your soul groups, your teams from the many temples on the earth plane and the many councils of light from Sirius, Pleaides, Andromeda, Arcturus and Venus in which you been a participant for eons of time.  There are many brotherhoods and sisterhoods of light that have members embodied on the Earth at this time. Simply send out a request for them to come forward to connect with you.

We truly honor each one of you for your courage and your dedication to the completion of your mission here on Earth. You are in the last days so be strong and know that you are loved and supported always. Blessed Be

The Great White Brotherhood

It is for this reason that I am now offering my Lightworker School Spiritual Development Class online as the Lightworkers are spread over the planet and often isolated.

In this 6 week class beginning Monday June 27th 7-9pm EST

 June 27th, July 11th,18th,25th, August 1st, 8th.

We will journey each week to a different time, temple or plane to bring in that aspect of our multi dimensional self and co-create a journey into re-activation of the temple and ourselves.

Each participant speaks what they are seeing or feeling out loud and we enter together into the great temples and traditions of the past such as Avalon, The Elven Kingdom, Atlantis, Lemuria. It is most empowering to experience yourself in a time when we were more conscious and more powerful than we are now. Each class is recorded and sent to you so that you can continue to integrate each activation as we bring it in.

” I feel more confident and able to stand up to people who don’t see the real “me.” When you have confidence and no triggers it doesn’t matter what they are doing. I don’t retaliate. I felt a deep connection to each of the people in the group, and I  learned a lot about myself.   I feel much more powerful than I have ever felt in my life. All of my friends are 3 D people, full of anxiety and fear but this is a different energy. It is safer and higher and it feels so good. I feel so much more comfortable with who I am. The people in the group were open but now they have been blasted off. Gifts are coming that I didn’t know I could do. Going back and reclaiming the priestesses in the first few sessions, those layers, bringing back that strength, was almost like unlocking doors of memory for me. Yes, I can do that, like little chicks and each one was like the biggest experience, it was powerful. ” previous student.

Cost $ 222 for 6 weeks Payment plan possible

RSVP to reserve your space or call 808 344 9932 Copyright © *Charmian redwood All rights reserved.

for more info on Charmian’s services see

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