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As we move deeper into the Ascension program and the frequencies of the Earth are rising dramatically we are being activated with very high frequency lightbodies in order to Ascend with the planet. As we download these new energies we have much greater access to the Higher Dimensions, we can connect more easily with our own Divine essence and begin to co-create a new and better reality for ourselves while still living in the body on the Earth Plane. It is no longer a matter of struggle and working harder but simply setting our intention and manifesting from that place.

Here is a guided meditation that will activate your Crystal Lightbody. As you raise the vibration of your physical, emotional and mental bodies with this activation you will become much more finely tuned to make use of all the opportunities that the rising  frequency of the Earth offers. You will be able to co- create by intention, be more intuitive, connect with your guides and your own Divine Essence. You will begin to find inner peace and will be more able to navigate the changes with grace and ease.

Crystal Lightbody Activation

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