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November 11th 2018 11.11.11

11.11.11 November 11th 2018

From Charmian Redwood

A powerful activation will be taking place globally on Sunday. These last weeks have been a preparation as we have been given divine opportunities to address our wounding. There will be an activation of the Ascension frequency as one of the gates of the New Jerusalem opens. This is the blueprint for the ascended earth. Take this opportunity to make a vision board or a statement of intention for what you would like to bring into your life as a reflection of your Divine Self. This portal will amplify your intentions so at 11.11 am or pm do a ceremony for yourself stating your intention. Such as

” I am now ready to claim All That I Am I stand in my Truth as a Divine Being All of the Power of Creation is mine I am  whole, complete and perfect just as I Am I am now ready to live from my Divine Self here on the Earth Plane I am inviting into my life……………

Charmian offers personal sessions of Talking To Your Soul Hypnotherapy

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