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Self Empowerment 101, Live Tele-class with Charmian Redwood

Self Empowerment 101 Release, Reconnect and Re-align Live  Tele-seminar with Charmian Redwood

 Love Exchange $222

           6 two hour classes on Zoom or phone

Thursdays January 25th-March 1st 2018

11am-1pm PST, 2-4pm EST, 7pm GMT, 8pm CET or 2pm Hawaii, 5pm PST, 8pm EST

I am offering this class at 2 different times. Choose which on suits you best or you can mix and match

We are all such powerful, multi-dimensional beings totally unaware of the power which is available for us to use in our daily lives. We came from the upper dimensions to this third dimensional world of pain but we hold within us the seed of the light  of our True Self.

In this class you will discover the truth of who you really are, release the blocks to being that powerful self and release the past which is holding you in separation and suffering.

Each class will guide you through a process to connect with your true self and to release old programs which are no longer necessary for you to carry. We are all conditioned by our upbringing and past life experiences to doubt ourselves and to allow others to control us. We attract relationships, work situations, health issues which are damaging and painful. It is time to reclaim all that you are and to begin to use that connection to create your own personal heaven on earth.

Class 1 Higher Self Connection

In this guided meditation you will experience yourself as a truly magnificent being of light. We will open up a conversation for you to receive communication from your Soul Essence about your life here on the Earth. We will then bring down that Higher Self into the physical body and activate the DNA codes for you to live from that place of  your Divine Self. We will  download the blueprint for activating your Sovereignty so that you can take charge of your life.

Class 2 Inner Child connection. Reclaiming Holy Innocence.

We are all born in beauty and grace but our childhood experiences of being raised with guilt and shame undermine our self confidence and self worth. We develop strategies to survive as a small person by being docile and not making our needs known but these qualities then hold us back in our adult life. In this  meditation you will  to uncover and release your self- negating programs and reclaim your Holy Innocence. This will allow you to begin a new cycle of living  from your authentic self.

Class 3 Forgiveness

We have all experienced pain at the hands of others, our families, partners, people at work. If we carry around feelings of anger  or resentment those negative emotions harm our own physical and emotional bodies. In this class I will guide you through the ancient Hawaiian  Ceremony of Ho’oponopono to release all negative feelings from the past by forgiving your persecutors and forgiving yourself. Then you will have a clean slate, free from past resentments and can begin a new cycle of love and fulfillment.

Class 4 Relationships

Negative self beliefs often cause us to attract into our lives those who will hold a mirror to our own lack of self worth. If you believe that you are unworthy to be loved and respected then you will attract  those who treat you with disrespect and lack of love. Many of us came into this life with karmic connections from previous lives with those who owe debts to us or vice versa. It is  no longer necessary to  fulfill these debts by being in relationship with our past life challengers. In this class you will be guided to uncover the contracts between you and the significant people in your life and to release yourself from those contracts if you choose. You will then be guided to call in a relationship in which you can become all that you can be in an equal and mutually respectful union.

Class 5 Clearing the pain body

We all carry wounds from traumatic events in our lives and these painful experiences create beliefs about what it is to be a human at this time. Beliefs about relationships, money, health  cause us to live in lack and victim consciousness. In this class you will be guided to clear the pain body and to reset your belief systems to invite abundance of every kind into your life.

Class  6 Guardian Angel and Master Teachers

We do not come into this world alone. Each one of us has both a guardian angel and many guides who come with us, watch over us, open doors for us. We can always reach out for help as we overcome our challenges. In this class you will be guided to connect with your own personal guardian angel who come with you at your birth and stays through your whole life here. You will also discover which guides and teachers are working with you.

E mail to reserve your place and I will send you payment instructions. I will send out the Zoom link which is similar to skype but you do not need an account.

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