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Super May Live zoom events

Newsletter Charmian Redwood Author, Spiritual Teacher,Hypnotherapist
Supermoon,Full moon in Scorpio, April 26th 2021 I received this meditation taking us into the balance of the feminine energies of the moon and the masculine energy of the sun. We are guided through a process of rebirth through the volcanic action of the Scorpio Full Moon where we release old programs that are holding us down. We use the energy of the volcano to rise up from the fire as our True Divine Human Self.

Watch Here or click on the image above

Magnificent May! We have so many portals opening this month 2 Live online Zoom Events Mayday/ Beltane on May 1st. 5-5-5 triple portal Activation on May 5th

5-5-5 Triple Portal Activation Activate Your Dormant DNA Lightcodes Awaken Your Sacred Key Codes & Star Codes Receive the latest DNA key code and star code activations Ingrate and Align Your Frequency with The New 5th Dimensional Paradigm. We came into this lifetime with all of the codes we need for the Ascension process already downloaded into DNA as Light codes. There codes are pre-programmed to activate at certain key times on the planet when the portals are opened. Wednesday May 5th 10 am PST, 1pm EST, 6pm UK,7pm CET Please make your donation and state which event you wish to attend or both and I will send the link This event is by donation. Please make your donation using the button below and I will send the zoom link Buy 555 Portal Activation

May 1st Beltane Live Zoom Event

May 1st or Beltane as it was called in Celtic times is one of the most powerful dates in the year where we celebrate fertility and the abundance of the Earth. Traditionally it was a time to offer gifts to the Earth Mother and ask her to bless the planting season to bring forth abundance. During this event we will be calling in abundance and fertility on all levels, for our own lives and for our planet. Saturday May 1st 2021 10 am PST,1pm EST, 6pm UK. 7pm CET

This event is by donation. Please make your donation using the button below and I will send the zoom link

Self- Empowerment 101 Self Guided, 6 step class

I have been teaching this class live online for many years and have now been asked by my guides to make it available for everybody to follow at their own pace and their own time. It is of vital importance to the Earth that we awaken our true powers as Divine Humans, release the blocks which hold us in limitation and begin to change both our own lives and our planet. This class is Self Guided you will receive all of the steps at once and can choose the order and speed with which to work with them. There are 6 steps to Self Empowerment with a talk, a meditation and a worksheet for each one. You are guided to look into the areas of your life where you are carrying beliefs that are keeping you in lack and separation from your powerful self. As you release the wounds of the past and create new programs based on wholeness rather than wounding, then you will create a whole now reality for yourself. In this series of classes you will reclaim Sovereign Self Inner Warrior Inner Child Self Esteem You will reprogram your beliefs about Relationship Abundance For more info and to buy this unique offering click on the button below Buy Self-Empowerment 101 Charmian offers sessions of Authentic Self Hypnotherapy Who am I? What is my soul purpose? Why do I have these challenges in my life? Book now and receive $50 discount normally $200 now $150 Discover More This is your time.The Earth has been waiting for you to remember who you are. 8083449932 Share on social Check out my website You've received this email because you are a subscriber of this site.If you feel you received it by mistake or wish to unsubscribe, please click here.

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