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Wesak Lunar Eclipse Meditation May 26th 2021

This powerful meditation came today for the lunar eclipse and Wesak. At this time of the celebration of the birthday of Lord Buddha pilgrims come from all over the world to a valley in the Himalaya where the Buddha comes own and meets The Christ, In this meditation we are taken first through the portal of the eclipsed moon to release the shadow Self then we bring our True Essence as Divine Being into the ceremony to receive the blessed water of the Buddha through the vessel of The Christ. This is an activation of your own. extremely powerful Christed I am Presence

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What is happening on Gaia?

The Earth is dirty and she is shedding, shaking off, like emoting the skin, it’s a cleansing. The earth doing all this shedding and shaking.

The lightworkers are helping the shedding process. It's like the electricity that you might see from space coming from humans. Their light is shining as rays of light just going eternally into outer space. It would look like long streaming Rays of light just putting the earth into a glow from the streams of light coming from these beings that are across the planet, they’re everywhere.

The lightworkers are helping with the purification and they burning off the shadow, the light is definitely revealing the dark corners, but I see it burning off, it’s quite an event, it's a detox.

It's not easy for the light workers now but there is a great need to feed the light, to increase the light, to help to burn off the shadow. It is important, making the light brighter is important, cultivating the light. As your light burns more brightly it helps the other lightworkers to burn brighter. The light needs to be burned brightly to turn the light up on the planet.

Gaia is very grateful to have the Light workers on her skin, she is very wise and she knows that there is a purging, a cleansing and a process in place for all life that she sustains. This is meant to happen so you are meant not to hide but to shine brightly.

In order to do this the light workers need to be finding each other. We, as lightworkers are on the grid, joining hands, and that is part of burning the light brightly so that we sustain each other in this mission and journey, we are dim alone but we are bright together.

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30 mai 2021

Hallelujah, Om Shanti!

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