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Wesak Portal into Mastery opens this week

Wesak is here.

Use this powerful portal to raise your vibration through connection to the Buddha

Wesak Full Moon Live Zoom Event

Wednesday May 26th 2021

10am PST, 6pm UK, 7pm CET

This is one of the most powerful full moons of the year when the Buddha meets the Christ.

We will travel to the Himalaya to receive blessings and activations from both of these Beloved Teachers.

This event is by donation

Please make your donation using the link below and I will send the zoom link

Any donation is acceptable.

Thank you for supporting my work


Weekly Message from the Realms of light

Message from the Angel of Surrender

In the old way we have been controlled by our ego and its attempts to keep us on fear but now there is a new way open to us. You can allow your own higher self to guide you into new patterns that bring happiness and joy simply by surrendering the ego, the small will to the Divine Will within you knowing that whatever is in your highest good is what will come forth in your life

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Charmian offers sessions of Authentic Self Hypnotherapy

Connect with your Divine Self, discover your purpose in this life, release blocks which are holding you in separation.

Normally $250 for 2 hour session

Book now and receive $50 discount

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