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Who are the Lemurians and why have they returned?

Who were the Lemurians and this ancient civilization? Are they proven legend or do we hold the cellular memories of these advanced beings and technology within us? What was the nature of “The Fall” and what is the New Earth and “The Ascension” really about? These questions and many more are answered by spiritual teacher, hypnotherapist, and international author of Coming Home to Lemuria, Charmian Redwood. We travail the spiritual skies with a plethora of related subjects such as: the crystal grids of the Earth, the significance of star systems, our shift from carbon to crystalline bodies, and the nature of manifesting from the ether. This talk will open your heart to great wisdom and how we must all ultimately raise our vibration individually to awaken to our greater truth. This episode is a seeker’s delight and not to be missed.

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Authentic Self Hypnotherapy

Discover your Soul purpose, why you have chosen certain challenges such as health or relationship issues in order to grow as a soul.

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